Complete the "Fab 4":
1. Return signed page 5 of syllabus (Wed | Aug 30th)

2. Complete Physics Questionnaire (Wed | Aug 30th)
Period 1 Questionnaire

3. Procure Supplies
(Fri | Sep 1st)

4. Bring laptops and install Capstone (recommended)

AP* Physics C

AP Physics Email Form (P2)

AP Physics Email Form (P3)

AP Physics Email Form (P5)

P2 Gauntlet Status
P3 Gauntlet Status
P5 Gauntlet Status

AP* Computer Science

APCS Email Form

Program Status


1. GoogleDocs login
2. Loyola Online Calendar
3. Bell Schedule
4. Capstone download  reg code

"Not only is the Universe stranger than we think, it is stranger than we can think."

- Werner Heisenberg
German Theoretical Physicist and Nobel Prize Winner

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