Programming Assignments
  “An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can made in a very narrow field.”
  - Niels Bohr, Danish Physicist and Nobel Prize winner

HW Set LewTube videos Topics
- Getting Started - Installing BlueJ
- Your first BlueJ Program
- Getting user input with JOptionPane
- Converting String user input to ints
    with Integer.parseInt()
- Getting user input with Scanner
- Changing BlueJ Tabs
HW 1 Fundamentals - if statements with ints
- if-else statements with Strings
- if statements with multiple boolean statements
- for loops and arrays
- while loops
- String ".equals()" method
- "==" vs. ".equals()
- Arrays and for loops
- Arrays and random numbers
HW 2 Class Design - Creating classes ("The Big 3")
- Zero and multi-argument constructors
- JOptionPane.showMessageDialog()
- Formatting doubles (controlling precision)
HW 3 Class Methods - "getter" and "setter" methods
    ("The Dynamic Duo")
- "processor" methods
    ("The Brain")
- String methods
    (length(), substring(), compareTo() )
- Static Methods
HW 4 Class Composition - Arrays with for and for-each loops
- ArrayLists with for and for-each loops
- ArrayList methods
- ArrayList "for loop removal problem"
- MyPod with Arrays
- MyPod with ArrayLists
- toString() calling toString()
HW 5 2D Arrays - 2D Array of ints and nested for loops
- 2D Array of ints and nested for-each loops
- 2D Array of objects
HW 6 AP FRQs - Class Communication using the "this" keyword
HW 7 Inheritance
and Abstract Classes
- Why do we need "Inheritance?"
- Creating an Inheritance Tree/Hierarchy
- Creating abstract classes and methods
- Pets (extends, this, super() and super.method() )
HW 8 Interfaces - What is an "interface?"
- Comparable interface

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